Zara Liore

We did a shoot near the beach in the late afternoon. When we left for the shoot there was a complete cloud-cover. Luckily for us there was a little bit of wind which had blown the clouds clean away. Lighting was done with just one Speedlight SB900 opposite from the […]

Defenture “VECTOR” handover

A large milestone for one of my long-time clients. The Dutch company Defenture design and builds the best special operations vehicle in the world. Not a surprise as the management comes from endurance rally-sports. Today was the official handover of the production vehicle from the MoD procurement office to the […]

‘Danger Close’

Eens per jaar wordt in het defensie Calamiteitenhospitaal een grootschalige oefening gehouden. Ditmaal was het scenario een gasexplosie in het hospitaal zelf. Hoe ga je daarmee om. Erg leuk om hier foto’s te kunnen maken maar ook erg lastig met zo veel (gecontroleerde) chaos om je heen. Het complete artikel […]

New York

A short trip to New York. We had exceptional weather for the time of the year. Was good to be back after more than 20 years.

Czech Republic

Images I shot during my time in the Czech Republic this year. I spent some time in the mountains on the border with Poland (Giant Mountains) and in Prague.


I took to the woods with Johan to expand both our portfolio’s. I rarely shoot man and I sometimes wonder why. We travelled light so I had only one bare Speedlight to do the heavy lifting.

Wintertraining Korps Mariniers

In February 2016 I visited the Dutch Marines during their wintertraining in Northern Norway. Way above the Polar Circle they were on an two month exercise to train new and experienced marines the fine art of Arctic warfare and survival under the most daring circumstances. I was on assignment for […]


We just had some time to kill and did a shoot in a rather cramped hotelroom. Not that we didn’t come prepared. Haidy brought a special set of (home-made) clothes and accessories along just for the occasion. I brought along my lightweight lighting kit. The room was not the ideal […]

Applied Orange overwhites

We shot these productshots for Dutch garment designer Applied Orange in a living room. Large black background, Speedlight in a large umbrella softbox as only light. The so called overwhites (made from Pencott Snowdrift materials) are meant to be worn over the normal uniform in winter conditions, providing a bit […]


Anushka and I did three shoots together this year. The first one in the Dunes, the second on on the beach and the third in a park. Three different settings, three different setups and changing weather conditions. During the beach shoot we had beautiful clear skies when we started but […]


There was hardly a room left where we didn’t shoot in after we finished. We were shooting for hours on end, making an effort to have nice images. I can’t remember the setups as we just did whatever was needed lighting wise to get the shot we were after.


For this second shoot with Aletta we took to the woods. To keep it simple and light I only too one Speedlight and a small foldable softbox called Square43 by Gamilight. Below is the BTS for one of the setups showing the Gamilight Square43 softbox.

Strobist meets

We organized several Strobist meets a few years ago. We brought together photographers, models and Make-up artists at several locations around the country to have fun, learn and make great images. Below are images of different meets from 2008 to 2010.


Like so many other shoots I do, this was all shot in Chloe’s own apartment. We tried to create a golden hour look by gelling the flash. The two images above were shot with Chloe in front of her apartment window. A friend was in the next window holding a […]

Bianca K.

You can do a shoot anywhere and to prove this we used an empty office in a small office building. Lighting was with one or more Speedlight with diffusers or softboxes. For the shot above I used a big plant as a gobo placed between the Speedlight and the wall […]


One of the rare occasions I shoot in a studio. Arthur is a kickboxer with a great physique. I really can’t remember how many different lighting setups we did. It was a lot.


A group of good friends in the studio of the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, courtesy of then student Maurice Mikkers who assisted me on this shoot. Maurice is now a worldwide published photographer mainly known for his Imaginarium of Tears project. The shoot was a continuous change of […]


The shoot with Belgian singer Deenah was part of my Belgian tour. Spending a few days in the Dutch province of Zeeland I had time to do a few shoots in Belgium. Deenahs house was great with some very pretty old fashioned furniture and you don’t realy need that much […]


This day Kim and I shot at two different locations. The first was a parking garage where we did the rollerskating shots. Fot most, if not all, shot we used a three Speedlight setup. Two at 45 degrees behind Kim and partly gobo’d to prevent them from hitting the lens […]